Basil and Mint

This is the purple basil and one bunch of mint I dried.

Can you smell this picture? I love my purple basil plant! My favorite scent right now is basil and mint! My son said that they don’t look as nice when they are wilted. 😂 Don’t worry, I will put them in jars so I can use them for cooking. I just love how pretty they are! 🌿

Ready for fall…

For me, summer is coming to an end. Time for going back to school, although, that in itself will be a new adventure, and getting my classroom ready. I love my summers. They are usually full of lazy days and having get togethers. That really wasn’t the case this year. June was spent recovering from the weirdest year of teaching I’ve experienced in my 20 years as a teacher. As soon as July hit, my ac went out (it’s finally getting fixed today) and school work started. We were told we were going back to business as usual. So the working, meeting, and planning (stressing) began. I spent this past week working on some learning for the up coming school year. I need something positive to look forward to. I’m ready to see my students, their parents, and all staff! Now I also have pumpkins and sunflowers!! Ready for fall! 🍁 🎃 🌻